Businesses should relook at sales strategy and indices if they want to design a great customer buying experience because customers are no more relying on sales to know about your product /services.

A salesperson addressing a family at a car showroom

A really good experience is a well-orchestrated digital and physical touchpoint. But “orchestration” requires people to coordinate and collaborate — which often results in mayhem!

Why should Businesses care and most importantly why should Service Designers care?

Photo by Carson Masterson on Unsplash

As service designers, it is key to lay out a structure that would help the team to see the whole picture.

My installation partner Shivani Sawanth and I building our OFFF structure

A famous quote by Dieter rams; he was on point when he said this because often we design for businesses and not for people!

Spatial Logo created with Samarskaya and Partners studios

Juneza Niyazi

Service Designer. Enthusiast about AR/VR and Design systems. You can see my other works at

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